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August 16, 2019
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Are These Things Holding You Back at Work?

Little things that we do at work, either conscious or subconsciously could be holding us back. It’s important to note these things and put them to a stop or at least acknowledge them so we can understand better. DataTech has a few things that you might be doing that holds you back at work. Things Holding You Back 1. Stereotyping As bad as this sounds, it is a very common practice in the workplace. Many people would never admit to stereotyping, but it does happen and if you feel you could be guilty of it, its time to stop. This could be anything from racial stereotypes to generational stereotypes. 2. Not Acknowledging Yourself We often do not take the time to look back on our accomplishments. It’s an important part of our jobs and careers to take a step back and look at what we have accomplished. This is especially […]
August 8, 2019
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How to Make That Career Change Work

Changing careers, especially if you are later in your work life is always a challenging task. Building on our previous blog about job searching. We now will move onto talking about what to do right in that new career. You want to make a great impression and get things off right from the get-go. Kill That Career Change It’s never too late to change, don’t put up with something that you hate. Be Not Afraid Probably the most cliche thing I could write, but it rings the truest when it comes to a career change. It is a scary and unknown thing you are about to undertake. Chances are you are getting into an industry that has seasoned professionals and now you have to compete. If you want any chance of making your career change, let go of the fear. Options & Options When looking for a new career make […]
August 2, 2019

2019 Office Space Trends

2019 is looking to be a great year so far. With tons of advancements in tech and productivity tools. At DataTech Business Centre we tend to notice trends in the office space as it is our lifeblood. So let’s get right into it and show you what we think some trends for 2019 are going to be in the workplace. 2019 Office Space Trends Whenever you want to make the move to a professional office space it’s important that they are on-trend. Technology High-speed internet, projectors, advanced conference call phones are all part of what the next generation of office spaces are looking like. At DataTech we offer all these amenities and more. These new and advanced technologies help your business to create a more professional and on-trend presence to current and prospective clients. Virtual Offices The way the world works has changed. There isn’t a need to be inside […]
July 24, 2019
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3 Things You Need to Know About Office Politics

Whether you like it or not, office politics are here to stay and they govern your career a lot more than you think. Some people are so averse to the thought of office politics they would let their whole career go down the drain than participate. Don’t be those people, just knowing these 3 things will give you a leg up. 3 Things About Office Politics You can’t really escape office politics, no matter where you go they will be there in one form or another. Know Who Has The Power Power doesn’t necessarily mean the highest ranking. It means the person with the most influence in the office. It may be your boss, or it may be a fellow employee with a specific relationship to your boss. Find out who has the power and leverage that to your advantage. This person should be able to give you a leg […]
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