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November 22, 2018
email, computer, writing

Sound Professional in Email Correspondences

Writing an email can be a draining and mundane task. But its often the first point of contact we have with clients, workers and other businesses. It’s important that you sound professional in all your correspondences. Follow these tips for sounding more professional in your emails. Sound Professional in Your Emails Spelling This one is a basic, but so many times is ignored. Spell check is good, but it doesn’t always get everything. Even though you do not see those little red underlines, it doesn’t mean that your grammar and punctuation are correct. Read everything over twice and save yourself the embarrassment. A good tip is to change the font of your writing temporarily, studies show that doing this allows us to catch mistakes easier. Paragraphs This one goes back to grade 5 and is often overlooked. But the rule is, every time you start a new point, start a […]
November 16, 2018
manager, tips, business

Tips For a First Time Manager

Becoming a manager for the first time can daunting. Especially because when given the chance, we do not want to mess up. Everyone will be scrutinizing your every move and there will always be those who want you to mess up in order to get ahead. But we at DataTech have some tips for you first-time managers. First Time Manager Tips Set Expectations When managing for the first time it’s important to have your staff understand what you expect from them. Have a meeting at the start of each week and layout clear guidelines and expectation for the week. This allows for you to hold employees accountable when mistakes are made. Giving your employees clear expectations will make you a more effective manager. Take Responsibility Be a team player. Just because you are the manager does not mean that any failure incurred by your team is their fault. As the […]
November 8, 2018
productive, habits, people

Habits of Productive People

Everyone wants to be more productive. We often see productive people around us, but what is their secret? How do they maintain such a productive lifestyle? Well its not really a secret, and we at DataTech are here to tell you just some of the habits that make productive people productive. Habits of the Productive Worry about what gets done, not what doesn’t You can get everything done, and we often tend to focus on the bad. We need to step back and look at what we did get done that day and not what we didn’t. This will lead to feeling better and becoming less stressed. They Give Themselves Accountability By putting themselves in positions where they are accountable for things that don’t happen or things that go wrong, it helps to motivate them to make sure certain tasks get finished. They are realistic Certain things take time. Productive […]
November 1, 2018
online classes, survival

How to Survive Online University Courses

We have all been there, they only offer that course online this semester, and you like many others, dread online courses. Online courses are hated by many because of the lack of personal communication, lack of friends and no real teacher-student contact. But have no fear, we are here to help you survive. With the last part of the semester coming up for UVic and Camosun students, here are some ways to get through them. Online Courses & How to Survive Due Dates Write them down! Nothing is worse than waking up to realize your paper or assignment was due yesterday. In a classroom setting, you are reminded constantly of due dates, well not anymore. The responsibility is on you and you need to write things down. Schedule Procrastination is easy enough with regular classes but with online classes its almost second nature. With no class to attend, sleeping in […]
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