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October 20, 2017
job search, basics, how to

Back to Basics: The Job Search

We have done a few job search blogs, like the one about mistakes to avoid or advice for recent grads, but this one really takes us back to the basics. The things that you must absolutely do to remain competitive in your job search. So lets dive right into the very basics before you start any job search. Job Search Basics Mind Your P’s and Q’s Making sure your manners are in check during an interview might be the difference between you and similar candidate. Keep this in mind with everything that you say, no swear words (duh) and no slang if possible. The most professional your manners the better of a “fit” you will seem to be in the workplace. A great way to make your manners shine is to send a “Thank You” note a few days after your interview. Customize Your Resume By customize we mean, customizing […]
October 6, 2017
beat, career, purposeless

Feeling Purposeless in Your Career?

There might come a point in your career, or even life when you are feeling purposeless. The nagging question “why am I doing this?” it’s a common thing that happens to people, but not many people know how to deal with this kind of struggle. As people who have worked with ton’s of different people and businesses, we might have the answer for you. Get Over Purposelessness Forget the Rat Race By rat race we mean, forget trying to turn a goal into a feeling of purpose. If you are working for a corporation or company, but the only thing that keeps you going is the goal to have more, stop. This is a really bad way to fake a sense of purpose into your life and it will catch up with you. You also, may not even survive the race, in any race to the top, people get trampled […]
September 29, 2017
history, coworking, timeline

A History of Shared Office Spaces

Co-working, or shared office spaces have been around for more than 20 years now. With it’s very quick increase in popularity, let’s take a dive into the history of shared office spaces. You just might learn a thing or two about the reasoning behind this phenomenon. Shared Office Spaces: A Brief History 1995 Starting in 1995, was a company based in Germany called ‘C-Base’. These were the modern pioneers of the co-working space. They are responsible for making WiFi networks available and promoted free access to the internet for the public. 1999 This is the year that the term “co-working” was officially coined. It was created by the man Bernard Louis De Koven. He explains his choice for the word as follows: “When I coined the term “co-working,” I was describing a phenomenon I called “working together as equals.” I was exploring how the insights I gained in designing games […]
September 21, 2017
workplace boundaries, how to

Create Workplace Boundaries Politely

Sometimes when you enter a new workplace or you are working with a new group of people, boundaries need to be set. Many people find this to be a trick situation. However, having workplace boundaries is an important part of being productive. We have a lot of experience in setting boundaries in our own workplace, and now we share them with you. Set Workplace Boundaries Learn to say NO Saying NO is a large part of maturing in your chosen career. If you cannot bring yourself to tell a co-worker or superior “no” once in a while, then you may find yourself overwhelmed quite often. Just because someone asks you to perform a task, does not mean right away. They have things to do and might have mastered saying “no” themselves. Don’t shut the door forever, but find a way to say “not right now”. Time Management This one can […]
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