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March 16, 2023

Check These off Before Your Job Search

As explained in our previous blogs, starting a job search is a stressful and very time-consuming thing. Let’s break down the things that you should be doing before you even start your search. If you tick the things off this list, we are sure that the whole process will be a lot smoother. Pre Job Search Checklist Update Your Resume A pretty basic one, but before you even start looking, your resume should be all up to date. By updating your resume, you will get a better understanding of what skills you have learned, or if you are overqualified for some positions. Consider this like an introspective post job. Just don’t make these resume mistakes. Social Media Profiles You may have to forget to pay attention to your LinkedIn profile, and your Instagram might have some photos better left private. Let’s are sure to clean those up, update them and […]
February 16, 2023

Job Advice Recent Grads Need to Hear

Are you a recent grad? Then you are probably desperately searching for a job, any job will do, right? Not a chance. Even though you may not want to hear it, you need some solid advice going forward. At DataTech we have tons of recent grads in our business community and they have told us what they wish they had known and now we pass it on to you. Recent Grad Job Advice Stay Humble You see a lot of stories about people who just show up to the company they want to work for and get the job. Don’t do this. This will tick a lot of employers off and most definitely won’t land you the job. Stay humble and get creative with your resume if you wish, just don’t make these mistakes. Research the Culture Research, research, research. The corporate culture of a business is a very important […]
February 16, 2023

Career Advice You Don’t Want to Hear

Not enough people really tell you how it is, everyone seems to regurgitate the same old business and career advice as always. Fact is, that times have changed, but the advice hasn’t, so let DataTech Business Centre give it you straight, we asked a few members of our Business Community and they know a thing or two about modern-day business. The Best Career Advice You Won’t Want to Hear Make “Grunt Work” Useful Part of being a new employee anywhere is often times you get to all the fun stuff that no one else wants to do. Often times we just put our head down and try to push through the days doing these monotonous tasks. The truth is, you should be using this “grunt work” to your advantage, take aspects of it that apply to your career goals and practice them. Take the First Job That Will Allow You […]
January 27, 2023

Steps to a Smooth Career Change

At DataTech we see all kinds of different businesses and employees here. Many of them have made a career change at least once in their life. In order to make this change successfully, it’s important that you follow some of these steps below. Maybe a new career in 2023 is something that you need. A Guide to a Smooth Career Change Ask Yourself Questions Asking yourself questions like “what do I want from a career?”, “Do I have the qualifications to obtain this career?” are a very important first step. Answering these questions will help you to grasp a realistic view of your goals. So sit down and start writing out some questions and answering them truthfully. Ask Around Seek advice from people you know that have made a career change. Ask as many questions as you can and try to learn from any mistakes they made. It would be […]