How to Transition to a Creative Career

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Are you feeling lost in a career that just doesn’t express your creative side? A lot of people are, but not many take the jump and make the switch to a creative career. Whether it be because of fear, or lack of skills, people becoming stuck in jobs they hate. Let DataTech show you how to make that switch into a creative career field.

Switch Into a Creative Career

Find a Skill

Being “creative” doesn’t mean that you need to become a jack of all trades, choose one skill, and really work on that one. Whether it be Photoshop, Video Editing, Photography, find something that you are passionate about and work at it. Spend your free time outside of work honing your skills to impress future companies.

Find Similar People

Find people in your prospective career field and pick their brains. Immersing yourself with these people is the best way to get a feel for the industry. You could even go a step further and seek out a mentor, there are plenty of mentorships available in Victoria, don’t be shy!


Whatever work you do in your spare time, practice projects, or even real projects, make sure that you showcase them. Create a website and build an online portfolio, this is the best way to show prospective recruiters your work and how you can bring them value to them.


Read up on your industry and chosen creative space as much as you can. By keeping relevant with industry news you will always be on top of the industry. You will gain valuable industry vocabulary that recruiters and interviewers look for. Many industries have various newsletters that you can subscribe to via email.

Get a Creative Space

Stuck at home without much motivation or inspiration? Get a temporary office by the hour or day at DataTech. We have just the atmosphere to let your creative juices flow!

Ready to make the jump into a creative career? Checkout out our Business Community to find companies that might interest you!

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