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March 27, 2020
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How Long to Stay at Your Job?

While it can be comforting to stay at a job for an extended period of time, it might make your future job prospects worse off. Having a good job diversity will help you in the long run. So what choice should you make? To say or go? How Long to Stay at a Job? Career Progression A big factor in deciding to stay or leave your job is career progression. If you have stagnated in your current position, it may be time to look elsewhere. Future employers want to see a solid track of progression inside a company. This lets them know whether you are a complacent employee or not. Career progression is also a very good indicator of persons character and ambition. Are You Motivated? If you are currently happy and unmotivated in your current role, you might just be fine staying with your job. There is nothing wrong […]
March 20, 2020
Office Sanitized

Keeping The Office Sanitized

It’s always been important to keep the office clean. However, during this moment in human history, it’s become vital to keep it as germ-free and sanitized as you can. We understand that many small businesses simply can’t afford to not continue. While you should follow all the recommendations from Health Canada, there are some things you can do in your own office to help stop the spread. Keep The Office Sanitized Common Areas Anything that is considered “communal” in an office is the most important place to keep sanitized. That can mean everything from shared staplers to printers and pens and pencils. It’s encouraged that at this time the sharing of office supplies be put on hold. It will keep everyone safer. This means even putting an end to that water jug for now and requiring employees to bring their own water bottles. Personal Areas Did you know that an […]
March 5, 2020
storage, business, Victoria

Does Your Business Need Self Storage?

Self storage is most often thought of as a place to store your personal belongings: furniture, decorations, extra stuff you don’t have room for, vehicles and so on. But, have you ever thought about using a self storage unit for your business storage needs? If you haven’t, you may want to start thinking about it as a valuable resource for storing your business records, excess inventory and boxes and even old office furniture. Self storage can be a solution for large and small businesses in Victoria. Business Storage & Self Storage Local Small Businesses Everything from family-owned restaurants to the florist down the road; many small businesses are in need of more space! Maybe your business is expanding and you just hired more employees, or maybe the office you rent is too small but you cannot afford to rent that large office until next year or the year after. By […]
February 20, 2020
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Be More Active at Work

We could all be a little more active, and what better way than to do some simple things at work. At DataTech our staff know a few tips and tricks to keep your overall health in tip-top shape. Get Active at Work Track Your Steps Almost all of our phones have a step tracker built into it. You may have to set it up to get it working, but once it’s ready you won’t have to think about it. This will give you some added motivation to get those steps up. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and go for a brisk walk during your breaks. Exercise to Work Small things like parking further away than normal, riding a bike or walking to work if it’s not too far will go a long way. It’s been proven that exercising before work boost productivity and improve mental wellbeing. This will […]
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