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September 19, 2019
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Job Advice Recent Grads Need to Hear

Are you a recent grad? Then you are probably desperately searching for a job, any job will do, right? Not a chance. Even though you may not want to hear it, you need some solid advice going forward. At DataTech we have tons of recent grads in our business community and they have told us what they wish they had known and now we pass it on to you. Recent Grad Job Advice Stay Humble You see a lot of stories about people who just show up to the company they want to work for and get the job. Don’t do this. This will tick a lot of employers off and most definitely won’t land you the job. Stay humble and get creative with your resume if you wish, just don’t make these mistakes. Research the Culture Research, research, research. The corporate culture of a business is a very important […]
September 13, 2019
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Driving in The Rain

The rain has come and we can’t stop it. But most of us will know that this is the thing that happens every 4 or so years thanks to “El Nino”. This is not an excuse for dangerous driving, however. So we at DataTech Business Centre have put together a few tips for those about to hit the road. Rain Driving Tips All Season Tires Expensive yes, but the peace of mind and safety they bring is tremendous. You may think your “regular” tires may do the job, and they might, for light rain, but not for the stuff we are seeing right now. All season tires are made of special rubber and become softer the colder the temperature, allowing for a much better grip. Regular tires become harder when the temperature drops, making it harder to get a grip on the road. Realistically the weather everyone on the island […]
September 4, 2019
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The Most Common Resume Mistakes

Job hunting is a taxing process, and a resume is arguably the most important part of the whole thing. However, you do not do yourself any favours but making some basic mistakes on your resume. Our business community have given us some of the most common mistakes that they see on resumes. Resume Mistakes to Avoid Typos and Grammar This one should be no a brainier to double-check, but most people even after they have checked, still make mistakes. Things like “their” v “there”, incorrect punctuation, and small grammatical mistakes still sneak through. A good tip to avoid this is to put the resume into a different font and it will become easier to see errors. Incorrect Dates We know it’s hard to remember exact dates of employment, but its something that looks bad when potential employers double-check the information. Go back and find pay stubs and any other information […]
August 21, 2019
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How to Remain Employable 5 Years from Now

We generally do not like to think about the future. Especially if we are unsure about it. However, the smart thing to do is plan for the unexpected. Even if you are in a stable and great job right now, a lot of things change in 5 years. Follow these tips to make sure that you remain employable in the future. If you are currently looking for a new job, we have a great article about making it work. 5 Year Plan – Remain Employable Stay Up to Date This means remaining current with all the happenings inside your industry as well as other industries which you find alluring. This can be reading industry magazines, papers and websites. Remaining up to date on the goings-on is a great way to jump to a new job easier because you have the right knowledge. Eradicate Complacency Complacency is something that slowly creeps […]
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