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January 13, 2023

Get Work Done in a Shared Office Space

Shared office spaces are great, they induce creativity and break the monotony of working from home. But they also have their downfalls, the major one being distractions. So let’s break this down into how you can get work done in a shared office space. Kick-start 2023 with some great work habits for your shared office space. Get Work Done in a Shared Office Space 1. Headphones If you are going to try and get through the day without these miracle workers, think again. You just can’t focus as well with the constant background noise. Grab a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones and your favourite playlist and get work done. Bonus: They deter people from bothering you as well! 2. Declutter Nothing is truer than the saying “Empty desk, empty mind”. You really want to make sure that any visual distractions are gone. Having clutter on your desk can really stress […]
December 23, 2022

How to Get Back to Work After a Vacation

Back to work, three words that used to be “Back to School”. Welcome to the real world, we guess. The same feeling applies when you are coming back from a vacation, dread and longing for just a few more days on the beach. Not to fear, we know this feeling all too well and now we will help you get back to work after this holiday season 2022. Get Back to Work After 1. Take it Slow No need to rush anything. Get to work, grab a coffee and ever so slowly slip into your chair. Start by removing that auto-reply vacation message from your email, phone etc. Respond to any very time-sensitive emails and maybe go for a walk around the office and catch up with colleges. Get filled in on what went on when you were gone, and maybe take another small break inside the break room. No […]
December 8, 2022

How to Boost Company Culture If Your Office Space Isn’t Working

You think you have the perfect office space setup, you have all the drinks and amenities any workforce would like, but something just won’t “click”. Company culture plays a vital role in making an office tick, just because your office space is set up right, doesn’t automatically mean your workforce will run like a well-oiled machine. When the office space won’t help, here a few ways to boost company culture. Boost Company Culture 1. Work Comes Second Now, we don’t mean it’s not important, but it comes in second when compared to important life events. If an employee is in need of a personal day, or there is an important life event, wedding, etc. you need to give them the time off. If you give this leeway, they will be more inclined to work harder. Showing that you don’t only care about work humanizes you and provides assurances to employees […]
November 17, 2022

Driving in The Rain

The rain has come and we can’t stop it. But most of us will know that this is the thing that happens every 4 or so years, thanks to “El Niño”. This is not an excuse for dangerous driving, however. So we at DataTech Business Centre have put together a few tips for those about to hit the road. Rain Driving Tips All-Season Tires Expensive, yes, but the peace of mind and safety they bring is tremendous. You may think your “regular” tires may do the job, and they might, for light rain, but not for the stuff we are seeing right now. All-season tires are made of special rubber and become softer the colder the temperature, allowing for a much better grip. Regular tires become harder when the temperature drops, making it harder to get a grip on the road. Realistically, in the weather, everyone on the island should […]