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September 17, 2021

Business Meeting Etiquette

Building on our blog last week, How to sound more professional in emails, we bring you some advice on business meetings. Specifically, how to act and the proper etiquette in those meetings. Nothing is worse than embarrassing yourself at a high profile meeting in your company. But follow these tips and you should be okay. Our boardrooms are great for professional business meetings. Meeting Etiquette Come Prepared Don’t show up to a meeting without anything prepared. Especially if it was asked of you. Even if it wasn’t, you should know the general purpose of the meeting and have a few ideas, even if you never mention them. It’s better than being put on the spot with nothing. No Phones This should be a no-brainer, but some people often forget. We are so very used to having our phones on us at all times, but in a meeting environment, then only […]
September 9, 2021

You should be keeping these at your desk.

Our office desks are where we spend the majority of our days. So at DataTech Business Centre, we have decided to focus on some items that we think you must keep at your desk. Some might surprise you. Office Desk Must Haves Band-Aids You never know when you are going to need them, but when you do, you will really be thankful you have them. From blisters to paper cuts, band-aids always come in handy. Painkillers Tylenol, Advil, anything to deal with those horrible headaches. Staring at a screen all day isn’t good for you to begin with, but should you need to crunch, don’t let a headache get in the way. Antiperspirant Something when you are rushing to get to work, you forget to apply some deodorant. Well, keeping one at your work desk will save you in this case. On these hot September days, it’s a good idea […]
September 2, 2021

Get Stuff Done Productively

We all like to be as productive as possible. But It’s sometimes hard to get everything we want to be done. How does one remain productive and get stuff done? Let DataTech Business Centre show you our top tips for getting your stuff done. The summer is coming to an end, and it’s time to make the most of the back to work season. Get It Done Automate it Why do something manually when you can set it and forget it? Computers are amazing tools and they can do much more than we know. A tool we love to use is Buffer. It’s a social media savior and allows you to schedule posts and updates weeks, days or months ahead of time. Forget logging into Facebook each day, just set it and forget it. Goals Planning and goals come hand in hand. Plan to reach your goals daily, monthly and […]
August 27, 2021

Motivation Means Being Interested

One of the biggest pitfalls of being inside a long term career is losing motivation in what you do. It all starts to become second nature and we no longer challenge ourselves to change. Being constantly interested in what you are doing and what you want to accomplish is critical if you want to become and stay success in business. Motivation and Staying Interested Work-Life Balance An often difficult aspect of a full time career is keeping work and life separate, if you aren’t able to keep these two things separate then you might become dis-interested and lose motivation in both. You need to keep you work exciting and interesting while you keep your personal life new and exciting. Staying engaged with things outside of work will translate to your attitude at work. New Experiences You never know, maybe that camping trip with friends might inspire a new idea for […]
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