5 Resume Errors That Scare Employers Away

resume errors, mistakes

We have made a couple of posts now regarding resumes, mistakes and things to do right. Now we have one regarding what little resume errors that employers may pick up on. It only takes making one or two of these errors to scare them away for good. Don’t let these ruin your chance at a great job.

Resume Errors

1. Short Term Jobs

Having a few short term jobs is okay. But it starts to look bad when you have a long list of short term jobs without an explanation. This high rate of turnover will make your employer nervous, they probably aren’t looking to be added to that list of short term jobs.

2. Education Doesn’t Match Jobs

Do you hold a higher degree than most people? But your resume has you working in positions much lower than someone would expect? This discrepancy will scare some employers away from hiring you. It just doesn’t make sense and there must be an underlying cause.

3. Large Gaps

Taking time off is fine, but having large gaps between employment isn’t seen as a good thing. Employers will start to question why and the more questions they have about your resume the worse it looks. Always try and fill the gaps with explanations to put their minds at ease.

4. No Relation Between Resume and Job

If you are applying to a job, your resume should reflect why you are a good candidate for that specific job. You need to make connections between past experience and your understanding of what is needed in the job you applying for. If your employer cannot figure out how your past reflects your future performance you won’t get a second look.

5. Steps Down

If you were in an upper management role, but are now applying to something lower, you have to explain why. It seems suspicious, and they may think you are being untruthful about your past work history. In the end, you just need to explain anything that would seem odd.


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