The Most Common Resume Mistakes

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Job hunting is a taxing process, and a resume is arguably the most important part of the whole thing. However, you do not do yourself any favours but making some basic mistakes on your resume. Our business community have given us some of the most common mistakes that they see on resumes.

Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Typos and Grammar

This one should be no a brainier to double-check, but most people even after they have checked, still make mistakes. Things like “their” v “there”, incorrect punctuation, and small grammatical mistakes still sneak through. A good tip to avoid this is to put the resume into a different font and it will become easier to see errors.

Incorrect Dates

We know it’s hard to remember exact dates of employment, but its something that looks bad when potential employers double-check the information. Go back and find pay stubs and any other information to make it as correct as possible.

Missing Information

This goes for things like job titles, job duties and manager/supervisor names. Our rule is that if you cannot remember a fact about a past job, do not include it with any other of the other listed jobs either. It looks strange if only a few jobs have certain information and others do not.

No Connection

It’s important to provide a connection between the job you want and the jobs that you have had. You need to take a look at the qualifications and requirements of the job you are pursuing and build a connection between them and what you did in your old jobs. A resume needs purpose.

No Contact Details

We have been told that this happens a lot, people fail to add contact information. It’s something that you do not often think of, but having contact information clear and present is important. This is especially important if you are handing in a resume in person. Put your contact details: phone number, email, address etc. at the beginning of the resume.

Make sure that you do not make these resume mistakes and good luck in your job search! Check out our blog article if you are thinking about changing careers.

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