The Top 3 Workplace Distractions and what to do

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Valuable time is lost daily due to workplace distractions within an office. The first step in diminishing these distractions is acknowledging that they exist. Below is a list of the top 3 workplace distractions and ways in which they can be diminished. As the Holiday season approaches, it’s even easier to get distracted.

How to Deal With Common Workplace Distractions

  1. Email

The biggest distraction in regards to email is when the popup feature is on. Though it is sometimes necessary to see an email the moment it is received, more often than not, the popup feature is simply distracting. It causes individuals to stop the task at hand and redirect their focus to this email. This may also lead to even further distraction, as the individual then focuses on either responding to the email or inquiring about whatever it is the email is urging. In addition, emails can be intimidating. Having a never-ending inbox causes people to second-guess themselves in ensuring that all tasks have been completed.

There are a couple of ways to diminish the distractions of emails. For one, a company could dedicate to implementing ‘no email days’ where everybody in the office is urged to turn their email off for the day. Another way maybe just simply turning the popup feature off and checking an inbox only after the task at hand has been completed. A way to reduce the stress of having a never-ending inbox is by creating folders to categorize and organize emails. That way, individuals can focus their attention on one task at a time.

  1. Other Employees

The number of people working in an office can vary. There could be anywhere from one to one hundred employees depending on the company and office size. That means you could have several people walking past your office in a day asking important questions or even just stopping by to say hello. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge that other employees may pose as a distraction.

A big way to diminish this issue is through the use of flexible work arrangements. It is important to consider that not all employees have the same work habits, and one may be better than the other at multitasking. Offering employees the option to work from home, the library, or wherever they prefer to work can not only benefit them but also benefit the company’s efficiency.

  1. Yourself

Oftentimes you, yourself, can be your own biggest distraction. Perhaps you become bored so you get sidetracked and decide to check your email. Or you refocus your attention to a new task without completing the first one. Or you decide to take a little stroll to grab some water, whatever it may be, you have been sidetracked by none other than you.

Fixing this distraction may be the most difficult one. The first step is to diminish yourself as a distraction is to realize that you are doing it. Create lists with tasks and every time one is completed give yourself a minute before moving on to the next. And always remember, that if you momentarily lose focus do not give up that will only hinder work productivity further. Looking to increase productivity? Check out our great article on increasing productivity.


Next time you step into your office consider all your distractions, there may be a solution for them. Good luck, and remember to always stay focused.

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