7 Secrets to Time Management

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Time management might be the thing that people most struggle within the office and professional setting. “There aren’t enough hours in the day” is very true for most of us. We often envy those who seem to get it all done. At DataTech we have 7 time management secrets just for you.

Time Management: 7 Things You Need to Know

Stop Procrastinating

Find yourself on YouTube/Instagram or Facebook often during the day? Time to quit that stuff and get focused on your work. The number one way people procrastinate is by becoming distracted with such things. If you can’t help it, get this awesome app called OFF TIME.

Organization is Key

Using some sort of calendar or agenda is the first step to becoming organized. You can better plan out your day and stay focused on the tasks you need to do. The goal for being organized is to keep it up, after 3 weeks it will become a habit, or so they say…

Finish What You Start

Some people have the habit of always half finishing what they start. It’s quite important that you don’t let this happen. Whenever you start a task, make sure to follow through and finish it. It will make your life less stressful knowing you’ve crossed something off your list.


Knowing what you need to do first is half the battle. Getting these important tasks done first will make your day a whole lot easier. Once you have these tasks out of the way, you will feel less stressed about the rest. This should be the first thing you do each day.


Removing any distractions from your work area will greatly improve your productivity. With fewer things to distract you will be able to meet your goals for the day a lot easier.

Narrow Focus

This isn’t time to focus on the big picture, but to focus on the things that are right in front of you. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you focus on the bigger things that you cannot fix today. Start small. A great way to stay focused is to rent an office space, working from home can be very distracting.

Checklists Help

If you are really struggling with time management, or need some extra help, we recommend checklists. Create one at the start of the day and work your way through it as you go.

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