Check These off Before Your Job Search

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As explained in our previous blogs, starting a job search is a stressful and very time-consuming thing. Let’s break down the things that you should be doing before you even start your search. If you tick the things off this list, we are sure that the whole process will be a lot smoother.

Pre Job Search Checklist

Update Your Resume

A pretty basic one, but before you even start looking, your resume should be all up to date. By updating your resume, you will get a better understanding of what skills you have learned, or if you are overqualified for some positions. Consider this like an introspective post job. Just don’t make these resume mistakes.

Social Media Profiles

You may have to forget to pay attention to your LinkedIn profile, and your Instagram might have some photos better left private. Let’s are sure to clean those up, update them and make the private ones actually private. If you leave this until you start sending resumes, chances are HR has seen your profiles. If you need some help, check out this great social media guide.

Thank You Notes

Whenever you get a job interview, it’s important to send a thank-you note after, regardless if you got it or not. People in similar industries talk, and small gestures like this go along way. Make sure to stock up and pre-write them so you can just pop them in a mailbox. If you wait to make them after each interview, you might get lazy and forget.

Know Your Worth

The worst way to end an interview is not knowing the answer to the question, “What are your salary expectations?” If you can answer this on the spot, safe to say you won’t get the job. During your interview prep, make sure to understand the industry and what salary to expect. Being confident in your worth is very important to employers. Use Glassdoor to find employer reviews and industry salaries.

Good luck and we hope that your job search is short and sweet.