Take a Break From The Office & Reconnect

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At DataTech we understand that many people can be become caught up in office work. Often times it spills over into our personal time and we forget some important things. It’s time to take a break and reconnect with people and loved ones that you may have accidentally forgotten about.

Take an Office Break and Reconnect

Video Chat & Cell Phones

Technology has come a long way, and now there are ways to keep in touch with those far away. This may be daunting, as many of our loved ones have difficulty with newer technology as they get older. However, many companies make senior-friendly devices to ease this process.

Support Network

Keeping in contact with loved ones shouldn’t be a one-person task. Having a strong support network of family and friends can help immensely in making sure your loved ones feel connected. Having multiple people stop by and check in on your loved ones can help with the stress that comes along with keeping up on regular visits.

Use Break Time Wisely

Step outside the office for a bit and get into our fully stocked break room. There you can take a moment to reconnect with family and friends without having any office distractions.

Constant Contact

Small things go a long way. Whether it be with a daily phone call, email, or drop in. We realize that not everyone can make time to drop by daily, so arranging phone calls daily might be the best way to go. These small daily interactions do a lot more than we realize and go far in ensuring that your loved one feels cared for and most importantly, not forgotten.