Back to Basics: The Job Search

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We have done a few job search blogs, like the one about mistakes to avoid or advice for recent grads, but this one really takes us back to the basics. The things that you must absolutely do to remain competitive in your job search. So let’s dive right into the very basics before you start any job search.

Job Search Basics

Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Making sure your manners are in check during an interview might be the difference between you and a similar candidate. Keep this in mind with everything that you say, no swear words (duh), and no slang if possible. The most professional your manners the better of a “fit” you will seem to be in the workplace. A great way to make your manners shine is to send a “Thank You” note a few days after your interview.

Customize Your Resume

By customize we mean, customizing it to the specific job you are applying to. Trying to send a standard resume to a bunch of companies won’t last you very long. You need to show why you and your skills relate to this specific job. Having this professionally done is fine as well if it’s not your strong suit.resume, professional, paper

A Resume Isn’t Enough

Simply submitting a resume or filling out an online application just won’t cut it these days. You need to go above and beyond in order to land that interview. We don’t mean to be annoying, but to show that you truly care about this job. Try to contact the internal recruiter via email to ask some more questions (seem interested).

Stay Professional

This means that everything that you do should remain professional. Clothes, resume, vocabulary, it all has to gel together to give the impression of professionalism. You may want to throw in some “unique” feature about you to try and stay un-boring, but trust us, being professional isn’t boring.

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