Avoid This Mistake When Job Searching

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We all have or will be in this position at one time or another. You quit or got fired. Not the end of the world by all means, but it is a pivotal point in your career that deserves a bit more attention than others. If you quit your job, it was probably for a good reason, either you hated it, or you didn’t fit into the corporate culture. Being fired is a bit different, barring some reasons outside your control, you probably were not a good fit for the job.

 The Big Job Search Mistake

Before we get right into this mistake, let’s take a moment to look at why it happens.

You Feel Relief

Phew, that job sucked, your managers were awful, the work was dull, and now you are free. This can be a great feeling and you should remember what it feels like so you don’t get sucked into the same old job next time. If you are relatively young, it’s probably for the best as you can change your career pretty often.

Here Comes Regret

You wake up Monday morning after a weekend of celebration to find your phone bill, rent, internet and insurance bills all due. Panic sets in and it’s full freak out mode. This is usually the point where most people say “forget it” and just take the first job that they frantically apply for. Now comes the cycle, you hastily applied to a job that you didn’t really want, and in a few months, you quit and the cycle repeats.

The Biggest Mistake

You have probably guessed it, but it’s simple, not taking enough time to find what you truly love to do. This is hands down the biggest mistake people make when looking for a new job. It’s totally normal and all too common, we all don’t have thousands in savings to sit back on.

Going into debt is a scary thing as well. So what can you do? Go into a bit of debt, or work a part-time job just to pay the bills. Even better would be to take the severance package if you received one, and make it last as long as you can. You will never be happy unless you take the time to find out what makes you happy. Don’t get trapped into this all too common cycle.

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