Take Back Your Mornings

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Mornings are tough enough. Waking up early is no one’s favourite thing to do, but there is a way to take back your mornings and remain productive. This isn’t a simple solution, but its one that if you follow, your mornings will contain less suffering, here we go.

Take Back Mornings

The Night Before

Have a plan, set up a morning routine that you follow, set the coffee maker, set your clothes for the day and prep your lunch, you will save yourself a lot of time and stress in the mornings with these things taken care of.

Wake Earlier, 6 am or earlier may seem crazy, but it’s the time that you are most productive, many CEO’s wake up at this time.

Shut it Down, don’t watch TV or stare at your phone at least 30 minutes before bed, read a book or a magazine until you feel drowsy.

The Morning

Start the plan, get started on the routine that you set up the previous night.mornings, take back, tips, datatech

No Snooze, resist with all your might to hit that snooze button, it will only make you more tired.

Move, stretch or go for a quick workout, getting blood flowing will make you feel great.

Music, listening to music can put you in a great mood to start the day

At Work

Important First. Do the most important thing of the day first and get it out of the way.

Limit Distractions, put your phone on silent and only pickup for work-related calls/texts. Listen to your voicemail at a break.

Manage, set times of the day for certain tasks, mornings are better for creativity studies show.

Keep mundane away. Keep the mindless tasks at the end of the day, do not waste time performing these when your energy can be better spent elsewhere.

That’s it! This looks like a long list, but once you master it your mornings will feel much more productive. Any more tips? Leave a comment below. Need an office? Contact DataTech today.

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