Stay Productive When You’re Not In The Office

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Let’s face it, there is no way to be in the office every day for 8 hours a day. Things come up and you need to leave, or even skip a day entirely. You may feel that this reduces your productivity, however, there are ways to stay productive when you aren’t in the office.

Staying Productive Outside The Office

These require some discipline, it’s easy to become distracted and lose focus.

1. Keep It Mobile

Sort of a no brainer. But you need to have the right tools to “keep it mobile” effectively. A powerful smartphone is the first step. Next, you need to make sure you have the right apps to deal with everything that might come your way.

2. Catch Up Time

Once in a while, you need time to catch up with co-workers and employees. As mundane and this may seem it’s very important to productivity to catch up once, twice a month. This is especially important if you aren’t in the office often.productive, mobile, on the go, datatech

3. Never Waste a Minute

Waiting for the train? Sitting at the doctor’s office? Don’t let that time go to waste. Get on your phone and check emails, respond to texts or make a quick call. Time is money and every second count. It’s surprising how much you can actually get done.

4. Desk Organization

Wait, aren’t we talking about being OUT of the office? Yes, and your desk becomes an integral part of that. For starters, have it organized in a way that when you do get to the office, you can be ready to go. Have an IN and OUT box, things you work on when you are IN and things to take with you when you are OUT.

5. Some Things Stay At Work

Face it, there are some things which you simply cannot do on the go. Even if you technically can, typing up a report on your iPhone is quite the waste of time. Keep things that are better done in the office, in the office. Don’t overreach when you are mobile.

At DataTech, we understand the importance of being productive while you are mobile. We are here for you when you come back to the office.

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