Sound Professional in Email Correspondences

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Writing an email can be a draining and mundane task. But it’s often the first point of contact we have with clients, workers and other businesses. It’s important that you sound professional in all your correspondences. Follow these tips for sounding more professional in your emails. In 2021, we are sure you are sending more emails than ever with work from home becoming more popular.

Sound Professional in Your Emails


This one is a basic, but so many times is ignored. Spell check is good, but it doesn’t always get everything. Even though you do not see those little red underlines, it doesn’t mean that your grammar and punctuation are correct. Read everything over twice and save yourself the embarrassment. A good tip is to change the font of your writing temporarily, studies show that doing this allows us to catch mistakes easier.


This one goes back to grade 5 and is often overlooked. But the rule is, every time you start a new point, start a new paragraph. Simple right? Go back and read that email you just sent, and you might be, tips, datatech, workplace


Having a signature looks professional. It gives a polished look to your emails and allows for a unique touch. There are many free signature creators out there, choose one and get to work. Signatures allow for easy access to your phone number and address for clients, if they need to call, your information is right there, no need to search.

No Emoji’s

It’s amazing this even needs to be said, but it happens way more often than you think. People use smileys and winks way too often. This may be okay to do with your friends and family, but it really doesn’t have a place in a professional environment.

We hope that we at DataTech Business Centre can help you keep your emails more professional. If you aren’t sure, check back with these tips and make sure you have ticked off each one.



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