Professional Habits You Need

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Working in a professional environment can be challenging. It’s important to pick up good working habits to ensure your success. Sometimes we find ourselves picking up bad habits as time goes on and it looks poorly upon us in a professional setting. DataTech Business Centre is here to help with a few good habits you should pick up.

Professional Habits

Remain Private

Social media is great, but you don’t need your colleagues to see your party photos. Keeping work and play separate is a good idea all around. Do this by changing your privacy settings in your various accounts, Facebook, Instagram etc… While it’s rare your work would be affected by this, there have been cases of some unscrupulous activity being found on social media that led to termination. Be careful.habits, datatech, victoria

Update Your Resume

Life can be unpredictable. You never know when you are going to need your resume on short notice. By updating your resume every few months, you can be sure you will have a resume ready to go at a moments notice.

Reply ASAP

Reply to emails and messages within a day. It doesn’t matter if you are busy or not, a simple receipt email goes a long way. If you leave on vacation or are out of office for a few days, set a vacation response on your voicemail and email.

Stay Organized

Make sure your workspace is clean and you have a clear schedule of tasks. There are plenty of productivity apps available for organization. A personal favorite is Evernote, it syncs to all your devices making sure you always have your to-do list on you.

We hope these 4 professional habits will motivate you to pick them up. Nothing says professional like an office space from DataTech Business Centre. Call us today to schedule a booking!

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