Dealing With Emotions in The Workplace

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There is a time and a place for everything in the workplace. Emotions are a normal part of every day, but how you handle them will determine how you are viewed. Most places require emotional outbursts to not happen publicly. Learn how to deal with your emotions right here.

Emotions in the Workplace

Don’t get triggered

Not as easy as well all think, but reacting to things that trigger us are a bad habit. You have to learn to brush some things off, and not everything that someone says or does is pointed at you. People have differences and if you react negatively to each little thing someone does it will cause a divide. Of course, if it’s a major issue, that is what HR is there for, talk to them.

Remain Neutral

If someone is reacting to something in the workplace, it’s easy to get caught up in it. If you aren’t a part of what happened, try to remain neutral, don’t pick a side or react yourself. Try to calm the person down without adding to the reaction. Try to have rational conversations with the person and talk them down. A little fresh air goes a long way as well.

Explain and Take Advice

This is twofold, if you are the one who is observing the emotional reactions, you need to explain why the reactions are causing a disturbance in the workplace (if they are). This will help the person to understand, that while they might be feeling things, it affects the emotions of others as well. If you are reacting, you need to understand and take advice from your colleges and superiors. Continued emotions outbursts can and often lead to termination, they just aren’t good for morale.

Talk to Someone

You aren’t alone. Your workplace should have something set up for counselling and often your insurance will cover sessions. If you find you are having trouble controlling your emotions, the best idea is to seek help. If you aren’t happy in your workplace, give this article on being happy a read.


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