Would You do Well in Human Resources?

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Human Resources or HR is an area of the business world that focuses on the people more than the daily operations. It’s often a career that gets overlooked, but it’s critical to a well-run business. At DataTech we are no strangers to human resources, so here is a list of things you should consider before you consider HR.

Is Human Resources The Right Fit?

Psychology Fascinates You

A huge part of what makes a good HR person is an innate curiosity of what makes humans tick. Having an interest in psychology, sociology and managing people is vital to becoming a good human resources manager. Employees live complex lives and it’s your job to understand them and their different needs.

You Love to Plan

Planning is a trait that not nearly enough of us possess. Human resources are a very strategic part of the overall business. You will need to plan for hiring, budgeting and motivational exercises. By creating plans for these areas of business is crucial in keeping the business moving in the right direction for both the short and long term.

You Can Handle Being Uncomfortable

Employees can be messy, and often you are going to be involved in personal and sensitive situations. If this scares you off already, human resources are not for you. You will face situations such as harassment, discrimination and disciplinary issues. Defusing uncomfortable situations is something that you must strive to excel at.

You Are Easy to Talk to

You want to make sure that employees feel comfortable approaching you. If they feel that they cannot trust you, bigger and deeper issues will evolve within the business. You are the first point of contact when an issue arrives, so you better be approachable.

HR is a complex area of business with many different responsibilities. If you are considering a career in human resources you should have answered yes to this everything on this list.


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