Should You Use a Job Recruiter?

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When starting a job search, using a recruiter may have crossed your mind. But what are the benefits of using one? DataTech has a few considerations that you should think about before you decided to use a job recruiter or not.

Job Recruiter Considerations

It’s Who You Know

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. If you are thinking about a career change you might not have the necessary relationships within that new industry. A job recruiter has those special relationships with hiring managers that might give you the edge.

Tell it to me Straight

A recruiters job is to present the best possible candidate for the job. If they send someone who doesn’t fit the criteria of the job or is lacking the skills it can look poorly on the recruiter and agency. It’s in their best interest to be as truthful as they can with you, saving everyone time.

Company Culture

We have blogged before about company culture as it’s a very important aspect of any new job. If you are headed into a new company, knowing the type of culture that the new company instils is vital. A job recruiter should know and tell you what to expect when it comes to culture. This will help you decide if the new company is a good fit.

Hidden Details

There is only so much that a company can put into a job posting. More often than not, the job position has some hidden details that only the hiring manager and recruiter would know. It’s the recruiter’s job to tell you these details and give you the slight edge you need to land the job.

We have many businesses in our office spaces here at DataTech, some have used recruiters in the past, so it’s something that you may like to consider.

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