How to Boost Company Culture If Your Office Space Isn’t Working

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You think you have the perfect office space setup, you have all the drinks and amenities any workforce would like, but something just won’t “click”. Company culture plays a vital role in making an office tick, just because your office space is set up right, doesn’t automatically mean your workforce will run like a well-oiled machine. When the office space won’t help, here a few ways to boost company culture.

Boost Company Culture

1. Work Comes Second

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Now we don’t mean it’s not important, but it comes in second when compared to important life events. If an employee is in need of a personal day, or there is an important life event, wedding, etc. you need to give them the time off. If you give this leeway they will be more inclined to work harder. Showing that you don’t only care about work humanizes you and provides assurances to employees that you have their back in both their work and personal lives.

2. Foster Growth

Employees have different needs and goals, it’s important to realize that work might not be their only goal in life. You need to support your workforce and help them in achieving their personal goals. If employees feel they can work and at the same time try and achieve their personal goals, they are likely to stick around for the long haul. It’s not an easy task, but if you can foster this kind of personal growth, it will quickly spread throughout your company culture.

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3. Delegate Responsibility

Micro-managing might be the best way to create a hostile company culture. You need to have faith in your workforce and allow them to have responsibility. You hired them for a reason, and if you cannot trust people that you hired, it sends a poor message to those employees. You do not have to go crazy, but start small and give out tiny amounts of responsibility here and there, empowered employees will work harder for your company.

It takes more than an office space to create a culture, look for these issues if your company culture isn’t quite working.

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