5 Outdated Career Tips

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We have some great career tips on this site, but what we don’t cover all too often are career tips that have become outdated. Make sure that if you are using these outdated career tips that you put an end to them asap. 2021 may be in full swing, but these career tips will continue to be future proof.

Outdated Career Tips

Don’t Jump Around

Forget the old advice of staying at one job for a long time. This may have worked back in the day, but with the internet and constant creation of new and exciting career fields, there is no reason you should “suck it up” and stay at one job. If you gave it your best shot, don’t be afraid to leave.

Never Say No

While it might be tempting to always be a “yes” man or woman, the truth is that you shouldn’t have to put up with that today. If you constantly say yes to everything that is asked of you, you will burn out eventually. Only say yes to things if they pertain to your position, or you have time to complete them. Rushing things is never a good idea.

Don’t Ask Questions

This advice pertains to North Americans, in other cultures the “don’t ask questions” motto is very much still alive. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions to your superiors, sometimes your input can be valuable. We want to work in a culture that appreciates the input of even the lowest employee.

Keep Work and Life Separate

While this is a good idea in theory, it often does not happen. With the cell phone and laptop we are going to be constantly bombarded with work related emails and texts at all hours. Embrace it and learn to put limitations on certain things. Keep the weekends free.

Keep a Low Profile Personal Life

Facebook, Instagram etc has made this impossible. You should embrace the digital life and make sure that all your public content is clean and work safe. If employers want to find your personal accounts, they will, just be ready.

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