Career Advice You Don’t Want to Hear

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Not enough people really tell you how it is, everyone seems to regurgitate the same old business and career advice as always. Fact is, that times have changed, but the advice hasn’t, so let DataTech Business Centre give it you straight, we asked a few members of our Business Community and they know a thing or two about modern-day business.

The Best Career Advice You Won’t Want to Hear

Make “Grunt Work” Useful

Part of being a new employee anywhere is often times you get to all the fun stuff that no one else wants to do. Often times we just put our head down and try to push through the days doing these monotonous tasks. The truth is, you should be using this “grunt work” to your advantage, take aspects of it that apply to your career goals and practice them.

Take the First Job That Will Allow You to Reach Your Dream Job

None of this waiting for the perfect job nonsense. In the real world, people often take years to end up in their dream job. If you are going to wait, you can expect to keep on waiting. Grab the first job offer you get that allows you to build towards your dream job. Meaning, even if the job isn’t to want you to want, but some skills you will learn can be transferred to your dream job, go for it.

You Might Need to Give Up

“Never Give Up” is quite a dangerous thing to take to heart. Just because you work at something hard enough or long enough doesn’t mean it’s going to work out. Putting too much energy into a project to see it fail is tough, but it’s important to know when to give up. The “Sunk Cost Fallacy” applies to careers too.

Say No

It’s a slippery slope to be a “yes” man or women when it comes to your career. You may feel like you have to perform each and every task that is thrown at you, but if it becomes too much, it’s fine to say no. Being able to manage your workload is an important thing. Saying No might just make you happier in the long run.

You may have not wanted to hear all this, but you are better off for it.