If You Follow This Career Advice, Don’t.

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A lot of times on this blog we give you career advice. This comes from our own experiences and working within our Business Community. What we don’t do is try and debunk some popular career “sayings” that many take as truths. So let’s debunk some bad career advice that everyone has heard before.

Don’t Listen to This Career Advice

Build Your Brand

If you think that updating your social media and making yourself look perfect on LinkedIn will automatically land you a job, you are wrong. Instead, try to build your value. Meaning, when you are filling out these profiles, showcase what you can actually do, and not what you want people to think about you.

Stay at a Job You Hate

Many people will tell you to just “stick it out” at a new job. Even if you hate it, you feel like the best advice is to just keep trying, maybe it will turn around. Well, chances are that it won’t, so cut your losses and move on, you are not obligated to anyone to remain somewhere that you hate.

Stand Out

You most definitely have heard the saying “Stand out from the crowd”. Well, its kind of bogus, many corporate positions need you to fit into the corporate culture, if you are a standout, you run the risk of being a disturbance/liability to the already built culture. Instead, try and make your work stand out, not your personality.

Do What You Love

In theory, this is great advice, “Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life”. Well as much as you can try to make this happen, you might be waiting a long long time before that opportunity comes along. Instead, take a job that has aspects of things you love doing. You certainly do not have to love the whole job, just parts of it, as you grow in your career, the more power you have to increase the focus on the parts you love doing.

Think you have some great advice that people shouldn’t listen to? Leave a comment down below!

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