How to Maximize Productivity in Shared Office Spaces


With more and more people choosing a shared office space over a private one, maximizing productivity becomes an important issue. Sometimes when moving into a shared office space it can be difficult to adjust to the new working environment. But DataTech has been providing office space to the Victoria business community for years and we know how you can maximize your productivity in our offices.

Stay Productive in Shared Offices

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Room Setup

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Arguably the most important part of remaining productive is how your office is set up. A lot of factors come into play when choosing how to layout your office. If there will be multiple people inside the office and you are easily distracted, try to angle your desk away from those people to not be tempting by conversations. Try to keep yourself facing the doorway as people feel the most relaxed when they are facing the entrance to a room.

Get Comfortable

Nothing is more distracting than an uncomfortable desk or chair. It’s hard to focus when your back is aching. Make sure to get a good quality, comfortable chair. Your desk should also be a proper height, too short and your will crane your neck upwards, too short and your neck will hurt from looking down. Find a good middle ground.

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Less is More

Try to remove as much as you can from your desk and environment. Decluttering your office and desk is a big step towards productivity. The saying “An empty desk is an empty mind” rings true here. The less in the office, the more you can focus on the task at hand.


The lighting in an office is often overlooked but has a big effect on productivity. Natural light is the best kind of light to have, so keep those windows open. In addition to this, try desk lights and avoid having a florescent light above your computer as this can cause an annoying glare on the screen.

We want you to be as productive as you can be and we will help you each step of the way. Come take a tour today and find out just how great our Business Centre is.

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