Keeping The Office Sanitized

Office Sanitized

It’s always been important to keep the office clean. However, during this moment in human history, it’s become vital to keep it as germ-free and sanitized as you can. We understand that many small businesses simply can’t afford to not continue. While you should follow all the recommendations from Health Canada, there are some things you can do in your own office to help stop the spread.

Keep The Office Sanitized

Common Areas

Anything that is considered “communal” in an office is the most important place to keep sanitized. That can mean everything from shared staplers to printers and pens and pencils. It’s encouraged that at this time the sharing of office supplies be put on hold. It will keep everyone safer. This means even putting an end to that water jug for now and requiring employees to bring their own water bottles.

Personal Areas

Did you know that an employees keyboard is actually the dirtiest thing in the office? A quick vacuum of the keyboard and a wipe down with a Lysol wipe should do the job. Keep in mind that during this time, the more often the better. Headsets and phones come next, always wipe down after you come in for the day and when you leave. The computer mouse needs a wipe down as well, just a quick wipe should do the job.

General Rules

If you have the luxury of a larger office, it’s time to keep distance between employees. That means at least 2 meters apart and if anyone is showing signs of sickness they need to leave and have their entire workspace sanitized. Wipe down all door handles and stop using the communal break room for now. Handwashing remains the number one thing you can do, so make sure soap is stocked up and ditch the air dryers. Having fresh clean paper towels is the best way to stop the spread.

If your small business can go remote, do it. But we understand that simply isn’t an option for some. By staying vigilant and reducing employees contact you can help stop the spread of this disease.


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