Improve Productivity with a Standing Desk

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Standing desks have been around for a few years now and they are becoming increasingly popular among office employees. They have numerous health benefits and provide extra productivity to those who feel they could use a little bit more energy during the day. We are big advocates here at DataTech, we will show you how to get one of these desks without breaking the bank.

Standing Desks Without Breaking the Bank


  • Weight loss: Yup, using a standing desk can contribute to weight loss. Studies show that people who stand more than they sit during work show a reduced weight gain when all other factors remain constant.
  • Blood Flow: Standing allows for increased blood flow throughout the body, bringing more oxygen to vital parts of the body making for a healthier vascular system.
  • Increased Productivity: As mentioned in blood flow, bringing more oxygen to the brains allows for better concentration and increased productivity.


  • Foot Strain: It’s no surprise that standing all can put a strain on your feet. If you are a first time user, get a cushioned standing mat.
  • Back Problems: If your posture is poor when you are sitting, a standing desk can also put a strain on your back.
  • Tiredness: Standing burns 20% more calories than sitting, so it’s no surprise that you might get tired easier than when you sit.

If you still think a standing desk is the right choice for you, then we have two great options for standing desks that won’t break the bank.

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The Oristand Desk

This is the best budget standing desk you can buy. At just $29 it is made of thick cardboard and folds flat for easy storage. You can view more information and buy one on their website right here:

The Charigami

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A more elegant option than the Oridesk, but it negates the need for an actual desk for it to be placed on. A bit more expensive than the Oridesk, at around $120. Find out more info or grab one today at


These are some great options for those who want to break into the world of standing desks. Give one a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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