De-Cluttering The Home Office

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The home office, the place where you come to for work, for now. The last thing you want is to work and be surrounded by clutter and mess. If you have kids then you know just how messy things can be. Well worry no longer, DataTech Business Centre has The Practical Guide To Home Office De-Cluttering.

Home Office De-Cluttering

These tips can be used for any space you live, home, apartment and of course the office.

Clear The Storage Spaces

Your home has built-in storage spaces already and chances are they are filled to the brim. So start by clearing them out and either throwing away, selling, or donating the things that you haven’t used in a while.

Store Seasonal Items

Store the winter, spring, and summer items out of the home when it’s not the season for them. Your home should be a functioning place and having items that you don’t use for certain months in the home makes clutter. Rent a self storage unit and use it for seasonal items.


Have a method of attack before you start the decluttering process. Don’t go in blind but have a general plan. One area at a time is a great rule to stick by and allows you to focus on one thing at a time.

Everything Has A Place

Kitchen items belong in the kitchen and office items belong in the office. Every item you have has a place and its important that you keep it that way. If you are unsure where to place something, maybe a more permanent storage solution is needed.

Go Digital

VHS? DVD? This is 2017 and these items take up so much space that could be better used. Put your VHS tapes on a hard drive and get the digital versions of your DVD’s. It’s a lot easier then you think and an entire shelf of movies and music can fit on a disk the size of your hand.

A clean home office means a clean mind, use this practical guide to help ensure you remain stress-free and your home office remains functional.

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