Create Workplace Boundaries Politely

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Sometimes when you enter a new workplace or you are working with a new group of people, workplace boundaries need to be set. Many people find this to be a tricky situation. However, having workplace boundaries is an important part of being productive. We have a lot of experience in setting boundaries in our own workplace, and now we share them with you.

Set Workplace Boundaries

Learn to say NO

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Saying NO is a large part of maturing in your chosen career. If you cannot bring yourself to tell a co-worker or superior “no” once in a while, then you may find yourself overwhelmed quite often. Just because someone asks you to perform a task, does not mean right away. They have things to do and might have mastered saying “no” themselves. Don’t shut the door forever, but find a way to say “not right now”.

Time Management

This one can be tricky if you work with a team. Having good time management will allow your co-workers to better understand what they can expect from you time-wise. You should be able to look ahead in your calendar and add time or schedule meetings. Managing your workflow better will help sync your colleges’ schedule to yours resulting in a better understanding of your time constraints and boundaries.

Stay on Task

If you are the kind of person who needs to have quiet and certain hours solely focused on work then take it. It’s hard to do when there is an endless chatter in the office space. You need your co-workers to understand that between certain times you won’t respond to messages and if it’s important they can come to talk to you personally. Working in a shared office can complicate this, but grab a good set of headphones and just tune it all out. Music is a great way to stay productive in a noisy place.

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