Business Meeting Etiquette

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Building on our blog last week, How to sound more professional in emails, we bring you some advice on business meetings. Specifically, how to act and the proper etiquette in those meetings. Nothing is worse than embarrassing yourself at a high profile meeting in your company. But follow these tips and you should be okay. Our boardrooms are great for professional business meetings.

Meeting Etiquette

Come Prepared

Don’t show up to a meeting without anything prepared. Especially if it was asked of you. Even if it wasn’t, you should know the general purpose of the meeting and have a few ideas, even if you never mention them. It’s better than being put on the spot with nothing.

No Phones

This should be a no-brainer, but some people often forget. We are so very used to having our phones on us at all times, but in a meeting environment, then only people that matter are in that room. Keep that phone tucked away to show that you care about what is being said and who the speaker is.

Sit Right

This is one not many think about, but the position you sit in is very important. First, adjust the height of your chair to be equal to everyone else, it looks odd to tower above to sink below the others in the room. Secondly, make sure that you face whoever is speaking, but do not block the view of the persons next to you.

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Do Not Eat

Drinking coffee, or water is fine, but stay away from food. It’s considered rude to be munching down on your lunch while someone is talking. Even worse is to be eating your strong smelling food, some people believe it or not don’t like the smell of a good curry. Keep that for the lunch area.

We here at DataTech Business Centre hope that this helps you to go into the next business meeting. Follow these tips and you should blend right into the next meeting.



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