5 Signs You Are Ready for a Promotion

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Everyone deserves a promotion, right? Well, no, not everyone, but sometimes you feel you are just ready. Don’t get too ahead of yourself, but if these 5 things relate to you, then it may be time to step up and ask for that promotion. So sit back and relax and get ready to find out if you are promotion ready.

Are You Ready for a Promotion?

It’s no longer a challenge

Tired of your everyday duties? Are things getting really boring at work? If you feel you aren’t being challenged enough and you are doing your job well, it might be time for a change. A good company will recognize this and take steps to make sure you are challenged.

You cannot communicate good ideas

Do you have really good ideas? If you feel you aren’t in a position to express these ideas to higher-ups, its time to get into a position that you feel comfortable in. If your ideas can help a company succeed, you should be recognized for it.

You are overqualified

Are you working as a cashier but you could easily program that till to do different things? Well, you are way overqualified and your company should be able to tell. However, not everything is noticed, so make sure to speak up and communicate your skills effectively.

Everyone pats you on the back

If you are tired of too many “atta boys/girls” ¬†during work then you are probably a company favourite. People value your work and acknowledge you on a daily basis. Its time to take that recognition and use it as a negotiating tool for a possible promotion.

You are the “go-to” person

If you are the person that everyone else turns to for help, it’s a sure sign that you are working below your pay grade. Especially if you are the person people turn to for knowledge and advice instead of a supervisor or manager.

If you can tick off these 5 things, you are most definitely ready for a promotion, so get going!

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