4 Realistic Work Goals For 2019

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New year new me right? Sounds good in theory but most of us won’t change all that much. How about we focus on some actual realistic work goals that you can put into your workplace for 2017? ¬†DataTech Business Centre has 4 great goals for your 2019.

2019 Work Goals

1. Greenify

Get better by getting more greens into your diet. Doing this will help you remain focused and lose that holiday weight. Also by going green, we mean office plants. Make that office of yours come to life with a different variety of office plants. Not sure where to get started? Check out our article on office plants!

2. Bike To Work

Start the new year off right by saving money and getting fit at the same time. Let’s hope that the snow here in Victoria subsides and makes riding your bike easier. Look into investing in a high-quality bike and gear to make the commute even more enjoyable. If you have any weight loss goals, this will help big time.

3. Water

We all know we should drink more water. But how about this year we actually do it. The best way to start is with a high-quality water bottle and a constant source of cold fresh water. An office cooler is perfect for this. As for the bottle. Swell makes high-quality bottles and can be bought at Indigo.

4. Stay Organised

Un-clutter your desk when you get back to work and keep it that way. Pick up some organizers and supplies to keep your stuff together for the year. We know it’s hard to make a traditionally unorganized person organized, but you should try. Desk organizers are great for keeping stuff together and can be easily picked up at Staples.

Try and keep it together for 2017. You don’t have to do anything drastic, but try and change at least one thing for the better. Maybe 2017 is time for a virtual office? If so contact us today!

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