Motivation Means Being Interested

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One of the biggest pitfalls of being inside a long term career is losing motivation in what you do. It all starts to become second nature and we no longer challenge ourselves to change. Being constantly interested in what you are doing and what you want to accomplish is critical if you want to become and stay success in business.

Motivation and Staying Interested

Work-Life Balance

An often difficult aspect of a full time career is keeping work and life separate, if you aren’t able to keep these two things separate then you might become dis-interested and lose motivation in both. You need to keep you work exciting and interesting while you keep your personal life new and exciting. Staying engaged with things outside of work will translate to your attitude at work.

New Experiences

You never know, maybe that camping trip with friends might inspire a new idea for your blog or a current project. That 2 hours learning about world politics might give you something to relate to a client about at your next pitch. It doesn’t matter the topic or the activity as long as you are interested in it. Being interested in your work is just as important as being an interesting person yourself, and your experience defines that.


Get out there and engage, then take your experiences back to the office or the office with you. There is nothing worse than an office full of boring people and co-workers with nothing to talk about. The more you engage with the world around you, the easier it will be to remain interesting. Everyone has things that they love and are interested in, so make sure to find out what you love and fully engage with it. All these different experiences will translate into you being a better person. At DataTech we take pride in our diverse Business Community and the differences and experiences they bring to our offices.