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January 19, 2018

2018 Career Tips You Can’t Miss

If you have been paying attention, we are on quite a new year advice kind of roll. So to continue the trend, lets talk about some career tips that you can bring into 2018. These tips should help you to make your job easier, more rewarding and relaxing. 2018 Career Tips Work Smarter, Not harder Many people who have been in the same position just accustom to doing things a certain way, however, if they only took a step back they might see easier ways to do the same thing. If you working on a project, make sure to leverage your skills and what you are good at and maybe outsource the stuff which you are not so good at. Know Your Worth If you feel like you aren’t paid, or used fairly its time to make a change. If you want to get an idea of salaries in your […]
April 28, 2017

Inside DataTech: Hilbre Home Support Services

This week on inside DataTech we take a look at Hilbre Home Services. They are part of our ever growing business community we have here at Datatech. So let’s get to know them a bit better. Hilbre Home Support Services “Determined to make a difference in Vancouver Island’s aging population by allowing seniors to remain at home with adequate care and safety.” Melissa Moloney is a 30-year-old experienced Health Care Professional who left her home town of Melbourne, Australia behind in 2013 to visit her Aunt and Uncle on Vancouver Island. Four years later, she has officially immigrated to Victoria and has returned to Australia once for a visit. Her Australian career began at the age of 14, where she washed dishes at a long-term care facility every day after school. From there, she graduated high school and moved up the ladder, primarily working in long term care facilities for […]
March 17, 2017

Inside DataTech – Mk2 Business Solutions

Hello and welcome to another “Inside DataTech”. This week we are featuring the company “Mk2 Business Solutions”. As always, if you want your business featured on our blog, please send us and email or leave a comment down below. Mk2 Business Solutions Mk2 Business Solutions is a full-service Web Business Development firm specializing in corporate web applications for the internet marketing and SEO industry. With a background in web design/development and collaborative projects with some of the top Internet Marketers and SEO firms in North America, we can see the potential low hanging fruit in any online business venture. With our in-house development team, there is no web application too small or too large for us. Some of our clients have included PosiRank LLC, The Canadian Government, Cisco Systems, Neverblue Media, GlobalWide Media, Big Picture Inc. We welcome any discussion on new joint venture possibilities or just to help you […]
December 2, 2016

Inside DataTech – West Coast Technical Services

Hello all, and welcome to another Inside DataTech. This week we get the inside scoop on a company that’s been with us for a while. West Coast Technical Services. They are a tech company started in 2012, but why listen to me, lets see what the owner Gord Kerr has to say about his business. West Coast Technical Services “I started West Coast Technical Services in 2012 to offer personal one-on-one assistance with phones, tablets, computers and technology. I specialize in translating geeky technical talk to people who want to learn how to get the most out of their gadgets. My business has grown to include support for small businesses, including network upgrades and maintenance, server support, and wireless administration. We also provide Google Apps for Business, sell domains, host and design websites and optimize SEO for personal and small business clients. We support Macintosh and Windows PC platforms as […]
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