How to Plan Your Career

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Planning your career can be a daunting prospect for many people. Especially us young professionals who don’t really have a plan that is 100% put together. Well, to get you at least thinking about a plan, we here at DataTech Business Centre have put together 5 steps to take when finally getting around to it.

5 Step Career Plan

Self Analysis

This is where you think about what you really wanna do, what you really want to accomplish. While you may not have all the answers just yet, it’s a safe bet that you can find a few things that you currently enjoy doing. Take those things and run with it, can you make a living doing them? Ask yourself the important questions.

Skills Analysis

What are your qualifications? Did you get a degree? What are your achievements so far in life? Asking these questions will help you to understand what kind of career you can go after, or what you need to further accomplish to reach another career path.


Think broad here, don’t narrow down your direction too specifically. What industries interest you? What roles do you think suit you? HR? Accounting? When you know this, it will help you narrow down what key skills you need to attain to achieve these plans.


You don’t have forever to decide, and without a clear time frame, you may find yourself lost and confused. Make goals for the next half year, year and 2-year marks. Once you have a time frame down, it’s much easier to track your goals and keep yourself motivated.


Now that you (hopefully) have a basic career plan, its time to go and review it. If by reviewing it, it doesn’t motivate you, then something is probably wrong. Reviewing doesn’t mean just once, it means a constant review. At every milestone mark, review how you got there and if you didn’t, what you did wrong so you can avoid this in the future.

That’s it! Planning doesn’t come naturally to some, so use this guide as a rough way to start thinking about you and your career goals. Need to take that next step? Maybe an office from DataTech would help.


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