How to Get Back to Work After a Vacation

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Back to work, three words that used to be “Back to School”. Welcome to the real world we guess. The same feeling applies when you are coming back from a vacation, dread and longing for just a few more days on the beach. Not to fear, we know this feeling all too well and now we will help you get back to work after this holiday season 2019.

Get Back to Work After

1. Take it Slow

No need to rush anything. Get to work, grab a coffee and ever so slowly slip into your chair. Start by removing that auto-reply vacation message from your email, phone etc. Respond to any very time-sensitive emails and maybe go for a walk around the office and catch up with colleges. Get filled in on what went on when you were gone and maybe take another small break inside the break room. No rush.

2. Finish The Old

We are sure that you left somethings unfinished before you left, take care of those things first so you can have a fresh mind on the new stuff. You may want to take care of things that happened after you left, but leaving the old stuff longer might make you forget entirely.

3. Get Out

When you get a chance, get out of the office for your breaks. Staying inside can give you some major depression, change up your scenery and get a breath of fresh air. A common symptom of coming back to work after an extended leave is lack of energy. By going outside you will help to re-energize yourself.

4. Leave

Whatever you do, do not stay late. Once that clock hits 5, leave the office. You should be building a routine and that routine should be leaving on time. You earned those vacation days and you shouldn’t feel like you owe anyone by staying late. Come back fresh-faced tomorrow and start the process all over again until you are all caught up.

You can count on DataTech to always be here for you when you get back, we will even have a fresh pot of coffee just for you.

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