4 Ways to Get The Most From a Road Trip

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With the province seemingly opening up now, and no way to fly anywhere, a road trip within BC might be your best bet. As nice as our office spaces are, we all need a vacation. Everyone loves road trips right? Crammed into a small car for hours on end without any legroom, sounds lovely. If you are one of those people that isn’t the biggest fan of road trips let us give you a few tips to make them more enjoyable.

4 Road Trip Must Do’s

Rough Plans

Do not be hard-headed and stick to a rigid plan. Road trips should have some spontaneity. Make sure that all you have is an end place and a rough time. Make stops along the way at places you deem cool, it’s a great way to break the monotony of the trip and see news things.

Car Prep

The worst thing you want to have happened to you is a breakdown. When you are far from home this is a very expensive hurdle to overcome. Worst case, your car needs to be towed to a shop, the parts aren’t available and you have to spend the night in a dingy motel. Not fun, so make sure you prep your car properly. A good roadside kit is a worthwhile investment as well.

  •  Oil Change
  •  Spare Tire
  •  Small Road Side Toolkit
  •  Jug of Water
  •  Tires filled and double-checked

Pack Right

There is not a lot of space to begin with, so do not plan on bringing everything. Pack much less then you need and make sure to have two bags. A bigger one for the trunk with things you will not need until the destination, and a smaller one you can have in the car with you. This small pack can contain some snacks, pillows, blankets, etc. Keep it light.


Especially if you have kids, good and long entertainment is a must. Tablets work great for this as you can watch movies and TV shows. Did you know Netflix now lets you download Movies and TV Shows for later watching? This is a lifesaver to many. Bringing a pack of cards for your riders helps too when the batteries die. We hope wherever you road trip to that you get there safe and do not lose your mind completely.

However, longs you road trip is, we will be here waiting for you at DataTech when it’s time to get back to work!



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