Which Type of Office is Right For You?

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The type of office that you choose for your business will rely on a few differing factors. These factors are the Business Identity, Cost, and Management. In this article, we will go through the 3 factors and what each provides in terms of the different types of office spaces we offer.

Which Type of Office is Right For Me?

Business Identity

The business identity that you want to set will help determine your choice of office. From a professional presence to a more casual one, which one are you?

Shared Office:

This is great for a startup or a freelance type of business. You come and go and at the end of the day, you take all your things with you. This doesn’t give you a professional address, so some clients may opt to choose otherwise.

Virtual Office:

A virtual office allows you to work from wherever, but keeps a professional address for clients to view. This is a great in-between if you need a professional address, but not a physical space.

Leased Office:

Leasing office space is the most professional option of the two. You have dedicated space that you can come to each day, leave your things, and do with what you please. Meeting clients on location is also a major plus of leasing an office space.


Cost is always a concern of businesses, and lowering costs is important. The 3 different types of offices have vastly differing costs. Which one is for you?

Shared Office:

The shared office space is the good in-between for people that want somewhere physical to work but don’t want to pay the high price that comes with other options. Be aware, if you use the shared office enough, the cost might be the same as leasing an office. A great option for 1-3 days a week of work.

Virtual Office:

The most cost-saving option of the 3, a virtual office allows you to work from home, the coffee shop, etc. while maintaining a single address. This is great for companies that are very cost-sensitive but need the features a virtual office provides.

Leased Office:

Obviously the most expensive option, but then it also has the most features of the 3 office types. Usually used by established businesses that need a full-time office for everyday work.


A often overlook part of renting office space, is who manages what. Some types require a lot more management. What do you need?

Shared Office:

The shared office is just that, a shared workspace where you are responsible for everything except the electricity and coffee. If you are fine with minimal management that a shared office is for you.

Virtual Office:

Virtual offices have many tiers of what they include. A popular option is having a mailbox and virtual receptionist. This means that your mail and phone calls are all managed for you, allow you to focus more on work.

Leased Office:

Leased office space comes with it all, receptionist, mail, and anything else a business could need. This is the option if you need extra help managing the small but important things.

Take a look at our available office spaces today and choose the right one for you.



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