Moving The Office Tips

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Has COVID-19 impacted your current office space? Many office spaces have gone out of business in the past year. There also comes a time when every company grows too much and needs a bigger space, or an entrepreneur needs to move from the home office to a professional work space. DataTech has tenants moving in all the time, and we have picked up some great tips for moving the office.

Moving Offices

Plan for Larger Items

Desks, chairs, shelving units are all a pain to move. These are heavy, bulky and often take more than one person to move. Make sure that you and your staff are capable of moving these larger items. Before you attempt to move these items, make sure to take them apart as good as you can. If you have any IKEA furniture but lost the instructions, they have a website of all the old IKEA furniture instructions.

Label Everything

Make sure that you label everything, each box and keep a running inventory list. With multiple employees, this will make unpacking much easier and keep everyone’s stuff together. Simple painters tape and a marker works fine. We recommend the blue painters tape if you aren’t planning to unpack right away.

Preparation is Key

Having everything ready to go before moving day is a big plus. If you are hiring movers, they charge per hour, so make sure everything is set up and ready to go. If this means having employees come in a day or two before the big move and help get things ready, it will be worth it. Have everyone show up an hour or two before the loading begins to make any final checks and ensure everything is going where it should.

Show Appreciation

Moving is stressful on everyone, so make sure that they, your employees, know you appreciate them. Pizza and keeping things light-hearted are great ways to keep the day running smoothly. This can also be a useful team building exercise if done right.

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