Misconceptions about Co-Working Spaces

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Co-working is a somewhat new concept in the business world. With companies such as the almost defunct WeWork leading the industry, the new co-working wave has taken the business world by storm. At DataTech we offer a unique solution to Co-working that we feel is the best of both worlds. Let us dispell some popular co-working myths.

Popular Co-Working Myths

Co-Working is a Fad

Many people who have been in the business world since the 80’s and 90’s feel that co-working is fad made popular by millennials. This is not true, co-working helps to foster a better workplace environment and promotes a more inclusive style of doing business. Within the right company, co-working works a lot better than the old cubical style of office space.

Co-Working is for Start-Ups

Co-working can be seen as a trend for start-up tech companies in silicon valley. While this is true, many companies in the Fortune 500 use the co-working style of office space. IBM and Microsoft have adopted this style of workspace with great success.

Co-Working is Temporary

Another common misconception is that co-working is a temporary solution for businesses. While this may have been true as the start, many companies are releasing that a co-working style office increases productivity greatly. As stated above, some of the world’s largest companies are using co-working offices permanently.

Co-Working is Only in Big Cities

Often seen as a “big city” idea, co-working spaces often target suburbs and small communities. As the cost of living within major cities see employees move further out, co-working spaces follow suit. The idea of bringing the office closer to employees is something that co-working companies actively try to do.

Here at DataTech, we offer a unique co-working solution for businesses. With private offices and communal areas, you get the best of both worlds. Come and take a tour of our office spaces to see what we are all about.

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