How to Land Your Dream Job in a Tough Economy

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When the economy is tough, jobs are scarce but they aren’t impossible to get. Even your dream job is possible to land, but you have to give up a few things and understand that it takes a lot of work to make that happen. At DataTech we have some tips on landing that dream job despite this down economy in 2020.

Land Your Dream Job

Money isn’t Everything

Money is always tight, and even tighter in a down economy. Employers are still looking to hire people, but salary expectations between employees and employers might not match up. You should be prepared, and be flexible with a salary to ensure that you get that job. Remember, the economy will go back up and you can negotiate a higher pay then.

Be Realistic

Being realistic about your job goals will make the process easier and help you to stay sane. By setting realistic goals you will be able to focus better and not become discouraged by not meeting those unrealistic goals.

Internships Suck but Might be Worth it

Specifically talking about unpaid internships, they are predatory yes, and are very illegal in BC, but it does not stop companies from offering them. You have to weigh the benefits of taking an unpaid internship, on one hand, it will give you the experience, but will you be able to live and pay bills? We do not advise taking loans to cover costs while in an unpaid internship.

Do It Yourself

Forget the rest, if you have some experience in your dream industry, give it a go alone. Nothing will be more rewarding than getting your dream job by starting your own company. Grab an office space from DataTech and get going. We have tons of entrepreneurs who started by themselves, come for a tour and ask them yourself today!

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