Coworking Works

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Thinking about a coworking solution? Many large and small businesses are thinking the same thing, but does it work? At DataTech we have a few reasons why we think that coworking definitely works!

Coworking Works


Most companies want to cut out unneeded expenses. Renting an entire office building is often one of the highest expenses that a business can have. By switching to a coworking solution, you will save money. Many coworking spaces like DataTech take care of things like office infrastructure allowing you to put more money into things that help your business.


At DataTech we have a lively business community. Many of our tenants have worked together to make great things happen. Meeting new people is always important in growing a business and you never know who can help you succeed.


Just because you are coworking doesn’t mean that you have no privacy. At DataTech we have private boardrooms available for those times you need to meet clients privately. We also offer totally private office spaces that you can call your own.


Giving your employees more freedom has been proven to increase productivity. Your employees can come and go as they please and our onsite reception services are always available. Without worrying about the building we can take care of that for you.

Great Location

DataTech has a great location here in Victoria, BC. We are centrally located allowing you to never be too far from clients or a job. Come visit us today and take a tour of our office spaces, we are sure you will be impressed!


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