Conflict Management

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No one likes dealing with conflict in the office. However, it is a very important thing to know how to deal with. Here at DataTech we are no strangers to office related conflicts, and we sure know how to deal with it. Let us show you how we deal with conflicts in the office, hopefully, it helps you. More of us are going back to the office in 2021, so we can expect some conflict!

Dealing With Conflict Management

Acknowledge It

Realize that conflict does happen, daily. You cannot hide from office conflicts forever, and it’s better professionally and for your own sanity to recognize that it does happen and running from it will eventually catch up with you.

Don’t Wait

Like a baking soda volcano, don’t wait until the conflict erupts into something uncontrollable. Get ahead of the problem before it becomes something bigger than it needs to be.

Knowing The problem

Knowing the issue beforehand and be able to recognize whether it’s worth escalating to a superior or can be resolved among you and the person in conflict.

Know how to compromise

Comprising is often the best and only solution to a conflict at work. A lose/win situation will always result in tensions between you and the person you are in conflict with. Know how to compromise and how to communicate that comprise.conflict, work, datatech, office

Listen, don’t jump to conclusions

Learn to use your ears more than your mouth. Sometimes conflict can be the result of a misunderstanding, always listen as much as you can, sometimes the conflict isn’t nearly as big a deal as you think.

Know when to escalate

Sometimes, nothing you do can solve the problem. Know when to escalate the issue to a manager, this generally is the last resort, but if the situation is at a standstill, there is no choice.

Conflict management is part and parcel of working with others, try to sort it out by yourself, your managers will thank you.

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