Business Inventory Storage

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This is a challenging time for all businesses. The challenge for businesses who need to close temporarily is where to securely store their inventory. A new solution has been brought up in the form of self storage which provides short-term, flexible, and quality space.

Business Inventory Storage


The main advantage is flexibility. This period of time is ever and quickly changing. You may need a lot of storage now, and as the restrictions subside you may need less. Unlike most self storage locations Stop and Store Victoria, our partner offers 100% online and NO contact self storage. Maintain a social distance while protecting your business inventory. You can rent for a month or a year, no need for fixed term commitments.

Short or Long Term

Depending on whether your business/retail space needs extra space for the short term or long term, Stop and Store Victoria has you covered. They understand that some businesses only need storage for 2–4 weeks during the COVID-19 situation. They can also accommodate long term storage for businesses who always have extra inventory and no place to put it.


They take pride in their self storage units. They will ensure that everything inside your unit is safe and secure. Furthermore, they provide indoor access available through a personal access code. They have security cameras and regular staff walkabouts. Your inventory will be safe with Stop and Store Victoria. They also provide storage insurance for the extra peace of mind at a low cost for your business. They are always upgrading their units to get the most value for customers.
If you think your business is in need of extra space, give them a call or send us them an email. One of their storage experts will send your business a personalized quote. Help your business inventory situation today.