Burn calories and trim fat at your desk

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Wow! It’s hot out! Summer 2021 is clearly on its way to Victoria. One of the most important parts of one’s day is physical activity. Staying seated at a desk all day can be extremely harmful to us long term. Studies show that sitting at a desk all day decreases heart rate and results in calories burn drop of 120, that’s an entire beer! Fear no more, follow these suggestions to maintain your heart rate while sitting at your desk.

Burn Calories by Sitting?

Standing Desk

Increasing in popularity are standing desks. By using one you can increase your caloric burn by up to 400 calories! Even better? These desks fold down should you choose to take a break and sit down. Check them out here: https://www.varidesk.com.

Arrange your office

Stretch things out a bit! When you have everything in arms reach, your movement really slows down. Space things out and give yourself the need to stand up to retrieve things once in a while. Plus, doing this allows for an open floor plan and a more attractive and healthy space to work in.


Once every hour or so, take a break and walk. Get that blood flowing, climb the office steps, walk down the hallways. Take a trip to our break room. There is even a cool little app (mac only) called “nag”. This app tells you when it times to get up and take a break. No one can keep sitting forever, get out and burn those calories!

Bike to workbike, wall, room

Not every day, but if your office is close enough it’s a great way to stay in shape. Exercise is known to increase alertness and focus, by the time you are at your desk you will be in a supercharged mood ready to take on the day!

Check your emails on the go

Why sit at your desk to check up on emails when you can do it on the go. Our phones are more than powerful enough to handle any email tasks. When it’s time to catch up on work emails, grab your phone and head outside, don’t stop walking until you’ve read them all!

Here at DataTech Business Centre, we care about our tenants well-being. We hope you use some of these tips to keep your blood flowing throughout the day. In need of an office space in Victoria? Contact Us today!

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